Sale of air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters

Sale of air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters For the past 20 years Eurotim company is engaged in the sale of air filters, fuel, oil and hydraulics..
In the company's sales program are ALL filters for commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, boats and working machines which can be find in Croatia.
We represent the group MANN + HUMEL and sell their brands UNICO MANN filters and filters from other manufacturers such as FLEETGUARD, DONALDSON, etc.

It is highly important to emphasize that MANN, UNICO and FLEETGUARD filters meet all automotive industry technical standards, ISO standards and are the most common filters for the first installation in a Mercedes, MANN, BMW, WV, Volvo, etc.

Most of the filters we have in storage in Split, and for all special and rare filters twice a month we organize imports from Belgium and Germany.

From now on, the filters can be ordered over the internet and filling out the form "query filter" and choose whether they want to take the filters themselves from us, or deliver them to wanted address.

Fuel filters

Fuel filters Fuel filters are used to separate impurities from fuels such as dust, rust, water and remains in the tank. They are used in all petrol and diesel engines. They serve to secure the facility, protect the extremely sensitive fuel injection systems and carburetors. They are the basis for clean combustion and environmental protection, which ultimately ensures long life engines.

MANN fuel filters and UNICO ensure the highest level of filtration ensuring the preservation of injection. It is extremely important to emphasize at the present time when we are not sure of the quality of purchased fuels

Oil filters

Oil filters Oil Filters have the function of filtering impurities from the oil, metal particles, coal, rust, and are used to filter engine oil, gear oils and hydraulic oils.
In addition, built-in elements, the pressure valve that allows a constant flow of oil and lubricating the engine and the feedback from valve to prevent idling engines ensure optimal performance. Special subtlety MANN AND UNICO paper guarantees the highest level of separation of impurities. Elements of the filter, pressure valve and return valve made in accordance with the highest standards. High tightness provides 100% separation of dirt from pure oil, and also provides the tightness around the oil flow system. It also must be stress the great resilience of UNICO MANN filter on pressure and corrosion, which further ensures optimum performance engines.

Air filters

Air filters Air filters have the function of filtering the air of particles of dirt when vacuuming, so it provides a completely fresh air intake (with the least resistance to flow), no dust in the combustion chamber.. These prevents congestion and damage of engines and machines, and additionally assume the functions and regulation of temperature MANN UNICO with air filters guarantee 100% functionality of the interval between each filter change. The special structure of fiber and fineness of paper that make up the basis of air filters guarantee complete separation of impurities at the least pollution. Complete impermeability folds of paper and glued joints with optimum geometry of folds and provides the ability to work in extreme conditions. We also must point out that constant quality control at all stages of production and makes MANN filters UNICO top product.

Hydraulic filters

Fleetguard or Cummins Filtration is the best selling replacement filter for hydraulics in Croatia, and it also has the largest number of replacement filter in the world. Therefore we can rightly say that if you need a filter for hydraulics, you need Fleetguard filter. The special feature of this filter, except the quality is its representation in the world.
So whether you need a filter for Cummins engines, DAF, Scania, VCE, John Deere, Komatsu, Iveco, Case New Holland, filters with American thread or you unfamiliar with Korean or Japanese label, parallel directory Fleetguard will certainly find a replacement filter.
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