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Basic roller

Basic rollerBasic roller is a steel tube that is used as a bearing or rebound roller on conveyors. It is the most commonly used on standard rollers in quarries, separations, cement and lime factories, transportation ports, silos, sugar refineries, mines, thermal power plants, etc.

Due to a sealing system and high quality bearings, the main specificity of our basic rollers is that they are characterized by a typical high resistance to dust, mud, water, and the large difference in temperature between day and night. Operating temperature of the basic roller is between -20°C and +100°C.

This hermetically sealing system that protects the bearings and extends maximum lifetime of the roller, as well as quality system ISO 9001:2008, which controls all production inputs, are the best guarantee of the roller durability and customer satisfaction.

Standard dimensions of the roller are Ø63, ؘ89, Ø108, Ø133 and Ø159 with spindle Ø20 e14mm or Ø25 e18, and all other dimensions are produced on customer request.

Impact roller

Impact rollerImpact rollers are used under the belt on pouring place to protect the belt with its rubber rings from material damage during the incursions. Therefore, they take over the load created by the material incursion and load of material weight on the belt. Base of bearing rollers and dimensions are the same as in the basic roller, the difference is only in the rubber rings which may be in following dimensions :

Dimensions of rubber rings on the impact roller:

Diameter OV Ring dimensions Ring dimensions
Ø63 Ø63/Ø89x35mm Ø63/ Ø108x45mm
Ø89 Ø89/Ø133x35mm Ø89/ Ø159x50mm
Ø108 Ø108/Ø180x40mm Ø108/ Ø194x50mm
Ø133 Ø133/Ø215x50mm  

Rubber rebound roller

Rubber rebound rollerRebound rollers with rubber rings are used to prevent the accumulation of material on the metal roller mantle. Accumulation of material can lead to belt damage or it can move belt from the ideal trajectory. Therefore, besides the role of cleaning and noise reduction, rebound rollers with rubber rings allow better belt centering. Rubber rings can be pointed in order to give the belt a better direction, they can be straight in order to be more burden bearing or they can often be both in combination. Usually one roller is used on stack but they can be used as a pair.

The base of rubber rebound rollers and dimensions are the same as in the basic roller, the difference is only in the rubber rings which may be in following dimensions:

Dimensions of rubber rings on the rubber rebound roller:

Diameter OV Ring dimensions Ring dimensions
Ø63 Ø63/Ø108x25mm Ø63/ Ø133x30mm
Ø89 Ø89/Ø133x30mm Ø89/ Ø159x30mm
Ø108 Ø108/Ø180x40mm  

Special rebound rubber rollers

Special rebound rubber rollersSpecial rebound rubber rollers are so called self-cleaning rollers or rollers with a rubber coil. Rubber coil is directed from the middle to the right on one side and from the middle to the left on the other side. Therefore, roller spins out the surplus of material from the belt to the side and allows the belt to remain clean even if the material is sticky and moist.

The table below shows dimensions of rubber rings on the self-cleaning rebound rollers.
Diameter OV Ring dimensions Ring dimensions
Ø63 Ø63/Ø108x38,5mm  
Ø89 Ø89/Ø133x38,5mm Ø89/ Ø180x38,5mm

Side roller

Side rollerSide rollers or leading rollers are the most effective solution for the self-centering of rubber belts. Their use does not damage the belt even if the belt runs over them. Usually, the dimensions of side rollers are:

Ø63/20x130mm, Ø63/20x150mm,
Ø89/20x130mm, Ø89/20x150mm,
Ø108/20x130mm, Ø108/20x150mm,
Ø133/20x130mm, Ø133/20x150mm.
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