Production of hydraulic hoses

Production of hydraulic hoses
In its facilities in Split, the Company owns the most modern workshop to create a hydraulic and industrial pipes. Cutting-edge technology, the standard ISO 9001:2008 and twenty years of experience make Eurotim company the right choice, whether it is the first installation of pipes or replacement of worn out pipes.


Production of hydraulic hoses
  • All pipes are made of highest quality rubber pipes manufactured by RAPISARDA company owned by CATERPIRALA and connectors of LARGA company .
  • Pipes are manufactured according to ISO standard and after testing customer has a manufacturer's certificate, certificate and guarantee.
  • Pipes are approved according to Croatian Register of Shipping certificate.


Production of hydraulic hoses
  • The company also has a service for making pipes 24h a day
  • At any time, we can go on the field to assembly and disassembly the pipes
  • All produced pipes are numbered and coded, so at any time, 24h a day, from anywhere, you can telephone to order an identical pipe.


Production of hydraulic hoses
  • The first installation of engines and machines.
  • Service hydraulic systems for machines, excavators, hammers, breakers, etc.
  • transport and transshipment of liquids: fuel, water, cement, concrete.
  • Food and industrial facilities.
  • Work luxury and ships.
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